9V 27W Switching Power Supply for distortion mxr boss pedals

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Our distortion and overdrive switching power supply makes it easy to convert power from any standard outlet for use with your Distortion Boss Pedals. Using a switching power supply is the perfect way to get the power you need in a convenient and efficient way. You’ll enjoy less power loss and greater ease of use over other products. Our convenient and compact Boss adapter plugs directly into the back of your distortion pedal, eliminating the need for additional adaptors or connectors.

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You can use the 27W switching Boss power supply with any standard 100V to 240V outlet. The overdrive adaptor converts the power down to the necessary 9V 3A requirements for use with your instrument.


Our respected power adapter China manufacturer is known for producing high-quality products that look as good as they function. The power supply is black in color, and the attached cord is also black. This gives the product a sleek and sophisticated look that enhances the appeal of your instrument without being distracting.


The streamlined distortion power adapter measures just 82mm x 43mm x 67mm in size!  The small, compact form makes these switching power supplies ideal for use everyday as well as while traveling. Additionally, we also offer several other sizes of switching power supplies to choose from, so you can always get the power you need to keep playing.

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