9V 15W Switching Power Supply for boss mxr effect pedals

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When you need to an easy and convenient way to convert power from an outlet for use with your Boss distortion pedals, choose our distortion and overdrive switching power supply. A switching power supply converts power from any 100V to 240V outlet to the correct 9V 1.66A needed for use with your Distortion Boss Pedal.


The power adapter China manufacturer behind the pint-sized Boss adapter is known for producing high-quality products that are built to last. You’ll get many years worth of use out of your attractive Boss power supply when you order through us. The distortion power adapter is black in color and has a matching black cord that plugs directly into your instrument.


The overdrive adaptor is discreet and compact, so you can store it in a bag or side pocket on an instrument case. The plain black exterior blends beautifully with any decor, adding style and sophistication to your set-up.


All of our switching power supplies come packaged neatly in a crisp white box. The adapters are new and measure 82mm x 43mm x 67mm in size. They are compact and ideal for travel. We also offer additional sizes of power supplies to choose from to power all of your electronics needs.

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